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Lifestyle blog taglines

Check out the best funny blogs about life. All of them are awesome. But each one is unique. So disregard the order in which they are listed. It is in no way a ranking of them. Rather it is a friendly compilation of stuff you should see, including one of the best funny Tumblr blogs.

So you will be as entertained as you can possibly be. In case you just want something funny and too lazy to read any blog description, even if it is just one sentence consisting of two words, check out best comebacks or some funny riddles. Or in case you are in a mood for something corny and funny, laugh at some awesomely corny jokes. This is a very cool WordPress blog that has some of the best funny stories on the Internet.

It has thousands of followers, and you are likely to become one if you visit it. The guy who writes it has a warm, positive way of looking at things, so you will definitely enjoy it.

You can also enjoy the book of funny tales he published. It is available on Amazon. This is one of the best funny parenting blogs.

Any parent can easily identify with this blog. Users submit their notes and the creators of this site choose the best ones to post. It is an awesome site that will make you laugh. You may also consider sending your own funny note to them. Just make sure it is really funny. This blog is both hilariously funny and brutally honest.

We think it is one of the most amusing sites on The Net. It has a huge selection of funny pictures that are both unique and awesome. Most of them have animals in them, so if you love animals you should definitely visit it. This is a funny parenting blog that exposes the absurdities of being a parent from a unique viewpoint.

It has excellent parody about the people trying too hard to be a good parent. Any parent would benefit from it. This is one of the best funny Tumblr blogs. It is one of those rare blogs that can make you pee your pants with intelligent humor.

It features memes and funny pictures that are too outrageous to be forgotten anytime soon. They keep updating their blog with new memes on a regular basis, including memes based on your favorite movies, such as American Psycho, Star Trek, and Star Wars, and who does not like some epic Darth Vader memes?Get the Blog Course for free!

Blogs can be made up of financial information, family adventure, lifestyle tips and hacks, and really anything and everything that the blogger wants to write about. Lifestyle blogs are different than any other type of blog out there. They tend to focus on being a bit more visual and make certain that they are using high-quality images to showcase their activities and interests. Will there be experiences discussed and talked about? Will there be emotions and stories that may get sprinkled in here and there?

While there can be similarities between a lifestyle blog vs a personal blog, the two are actually quite different. Wait, what? These two blogs are both super successful in the blogging industry. As stated above, lifestyle focuses on interests and activities and finds fun ways to pull you in, while a personal blog finds ways to open up themselves, their stories and their lives with you through their writing. Think about the last time that you read a blog article that really pulled at those heartstrings.

Note: Many bloggers use little bits of personal life throughout their blog to incorporate storytelling into any type of blog food, lifestyle, fashion, crafts, or business. Storytelling is a powerful tool to help build a connection with your audience, but only in a personal blog is it the main focus.

And if you still feel like the difference between a lifestyle blog and a personal blog is about as clear as mud…here are some examples of successful lifestyle blogs so that you can see the difference with your own two eyes!

Lifestyle blogs actually make money like any other type of blog does. There tend to be a few main ways that lifestyle blogs make money that is the most lucrative for the blogger:. With all the products about health and beauty that the majority of lifestyle blogs write about, sponsored posts are one of the top ways that lifestyle bloggers can really start to earn some good money from their content.

What I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Blog! - hayleypaige

Some sponsor companies give you free products to review, this can help you save money and grow your blog at the same time! Everyone loves a good ad, right? Advertising networks will pay good money to have their ads on a heavily visited lifestyle blog.

From shirts to coffee mugs to even fun weekly planners, lifestyle bloggers see no limit to the products that they can create to earn money. All of those products are great ways to link back up to their blog to monetize quickly and efficiently. And if your lifestyle blog gets really big, and starts to draw a lot of attention, people will start to pay you to come and see them! Honestly, the steps to start monetizing a lifestyle blog are the same steps that any type of blog would take.

What a blog needs to start earning money is traffic, good content, and a knowledge for marketing. If the answer is yes, then keep it up.

If your answer is no, follow up and ask yourself if having a lifestyle blog is what you truly want. While you may have started out your blog as a personal blog, you can make the switch and start becoming more lifestyle-focused. Before we get into the examples of successful life style bloggers, how do you actually start a lifestyle blogand what are the best free blog sites to use?

Your blog name needs to stand out and make people want to hang out with you and your ideas. Embrace your unique qualities and be different. Allow yourself to explore everything else out there in the blogging world. From mom blogs to finance blogs, there is room for everyone to run a successful blog in the online world. This can help you discover what type of blog you should start! Do you know why people will come to your blog, day in and day out? To read your content. It happens to the best of us.Finding the perfect tagline is quite a task.

From non-profits, to startups, to Fortune companies, great taglines come from brands of all sizes—and all industries. But sometimes you have to see it to believe it. What do they all have in common? Each has created a simple, impactful t agline that perfectly reflects who they are.

We hope you find them as inspiring as we do. This nonprofit offers a variety of services to injured veterans, including health care, economic support, and more. When dealing with sensitive or difficult subjects, it can be a challenge to find a tasteful tagline, but they pulled it off remarkably.

Tagline: M aster Your Classes. Course Hero is an online learning portal that offers 20 million course-specific study materials to help students succeed.

They even deliver a double benefit—saving both money and energy. Travelocity has accomplished quite a feat with this tagline. While you want to keep things short, it can be incredibly difficult to pack emotion, creativity, and clarity into only two words. But this two-word tagline is perfect for a travel site that promises cheaper travel. The choice is simple. But it delivers their positioning and benefit in its simplest, purest form—just like their all-natural, cruelty-free products.

Lush is all about hyper transparency every product even comes with a sticker cartoon of the person who handmade it for youso their tagline paints the simplest picture. Bazaarvoice helps connects brands and consumers through content, building a more authentic relationship through content marketing.

Donors Choose is a crowdfunding platform that lets the public donate to teachers in need, one class project at a time. Therefore, this simple tagline does a great job of painting the bigger picture by reinforcing the effect a single donation has on a larger community. While it may not feature the most flowery language, it communicates the essence of their mission.

BUST is a magazine that covers hip female artists, musicians, activist, rebels, and tastemakers who shape culture.

An edgy tagline can be tricky, especially if it can be misunderstood. You are. Well, probably. CCI is an amazing nonprofit that provides free assistance dogs to adults, children, and veterans with disabilities. Their tagline is an inspiring, heartwarming, and emotional masterpiece. For mattress company Casper, strong branding has been front and center since day one. Their design, content marketing, and well-designed products have created a brand experience that is key to their success.

Thinx created period-proof panties to help eliminate the use of potentially toxic tampons and pads. Brands that make menstruation products have traditionally focused on the feminine aspect, but Thinx is unique because their tagline focuses on menstruation, not gender.

They actually included a trans man in a campaign.Subscribe to our newsletter. As you take on the next chapter in your life, let Layer Cakelet be your new source for all things fabulous. Gabby Reece : So exactly how does one go about getting back into shape after baby?

lifestyle blog taglines

Former athlete-turned-iconic fitness trainer Gabby Reece has the answers… and moms love her for it. Managing two little tots of her own, she makes it easy to find ways to be kind to your post-baby body.

A Merry Mishap : Think having a baby means the end of enjoying your favorite hobbies? Think again. Interior design lover, jewelry maker, world explorer, mother and blogger Jennifer of A Merry Mishap demonstrates that you can do it all.

We know because she constantly keeps us and moms around the world enthralled with posts featuring modern homes, unique baby finds and her great adventures around the globe! An added perk? Seriously, prepare to ooh and ahh! Sweet Blackberry : Sweet Blackberry is a company on a mission.

They are backed by Kickstarter and use donations to visit local schools and to create inspiring storybooks and videos. Talk about a powerful way to change the world. A quick hop over to their super informative site will show you why — comprehensive baby registry checklists, awesome product suggestions and a neat blog that tackles all the mysteries of motherhood are just the start of all the goodness waiting to be discovered.

Mother : Motherhood means many different things to women around the world. Thankfully, Mother takes that little tidbit of knowledge to heart and strives to be a place where mother of all shapes, sizes and styles can come together for advice, fashion and beauty ideas, yummy food and much, much more.

Whether you need advice about the best strollers on the market or info about how to rock lilac hair, Mother is there for you like a best friend… a best friend who is skilled in the art of baby raising and who is incredibly stylish, too.

Hello Jack : The mom of two behind this oh-so-stylish blog is truly the definition of a cool mom. Despite all the rad-ness going on, our personal favorite thing about Hello Jack is the fun product boards — like the one above. Expecting moms should feel gorgeous.What would you assume the blog to be about? Someone with a happy life? Happiness amidst depression? Living in the Sunshine State? A blog about Johnny Nash?

lifestyle blog taglines

Kinda hard to tell right? Now that you can see clearly now see what I did there? A tagline is like a slogan, you know that catchy little phrase that helps you remember a product? While a slogan describes a product, a tagline helps people remember your brand. Click To Tweet. The tagline is a one-liner that sums up how you can help your audience. It should be short, powerful and to the point. There should be no question of what you offer after someone reads it. First we have to ask ourselves a few important questions.

Click the yellow box to download the worksheet and follow along. What is your personal mission for your blog? Is it to help certain people, inform them, inspire them? Why do you want to help them? What do you aim to do? Why do you do what you do? What excites you about what you write? My personal mission for DYOB is to help creative women to build the businesses of their dreams to not only support their families but to have the flexibility and time to raise a fantastic, well-adjusted family.

Get really specific here. Get down to gender, age, number of kids, occupation, etc. I serve creative female solopreneurs and bloggers who want to create a professional online appearance that matches their unique personality and brand. How do you plan to help others?

lifestyle blog taglines

What are their pains and how will you help them? Offerings include your free content and products or services you sell. I offer tutorials, tools, feedback and inspiration that helps women actually design and customize their own blogs. What makes YOU different from everyone else that talks about the same thing?

What can you do better or differently? I offer friendly and step-by-step support and feedback. I share trends and inspiration to help them become better designers.

How to Write a Kickbutt Blog Tagline + a Worksheet

I also focus on both WordPress and Blogger platforms.Hopefully, these lifestyle blog names will help you brainstorm some ideas for your new blog. If you purchase something from this page, I may receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. Whenever I start a new blog, one of the most challenging things for me is what to name it. For some reason or another, I draw a blank when it comes to being creative. If I do come up with something cool, the available domain is already registered to someone else.

Then I usually end up opening a blog name generator and spend hours trying to find the perfect domain. Let me share some things that I did when I registered the domain for my second blog.

Here are the steps you can use to help you whenever you need to register a new domain. These steps will work for any blog, regardless of the niche or topic. Check out my step-by-step tutorial on how to start a lifestyle blogto help you understand which platform and plugins to use.

Will you be writing about beauty?

Maybe you want a blog travel blog where you share your adventures? Believe or not, not every blog you build will require you to build a brand. You may decide to start another blog with the intention of selling later on to get some quick cash. Most bloggers have more than one blog, especially, if they are focused on building multiple income streams. If so, then choosing the domain name becomes more important. A brand is a tone of voice, a vibe you portray and a feeling that people get when they visit your site.

Calling All Cool Moms! 22 Blogs You Should Check Out

Later on if you find that your blog is gaining a lot of traction, you can focus on building a brand for it. Set aside some time and start brainstorming some ideas for your new blog.

lifestyle blog taglines

I always use Thesaurus. Type in some words related to your niche and it will bring up a list of relevant words you can add to your brainstorming list. You can go to Thesaurus and type in the word Journey to get some ideas you can brainstorm. This is just a small list of lifestyle blog names I came up with, but you can get an idea of how to get started brainstorming some ideas for your new name.

The next step I would take would be to see if any of the words would go good together. After spending 3 minutes on it, I found that the domain dailylifeventures. Which would be something that I would register if I was starting a lifestyle blog. For one reason or another, I tend to have a lot more success if I can see a list of available domain names that are already registered to someone else.Primary Mobile Navigation. When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.

This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions? We make the money the old-fashioned way—we earn it. Back to Top. Got milk? California Milk Processor Board. American Express. Just do it. Allstate Insurance. Think different. Apple Computer. We try harder. Tastes great, less filling. Miller Lite. Melts in your mouth, not in your hands. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Reach out and touch someone. A diamond is forever. Kentucky Fried Chicken. The uncola. Let your fingers do the walking. Yellow Pages. What happens here, stays here. Las Vegas. Virginia Slims Cigarettes.

We bring good things to life. General Electric. Have it your way. Burger King. Come alive! The ultimate driving machine. The quicker picker-upper.

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