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Local literature about canteen management

They shall remain valid for the duration of the school year. They shall also wear their identification cards with photo when inside the premises of the canteen. Receipts and other similar documents shall be kept to support sales, purchases and disbursements made. The books of accounts should be kept up-to-date and made available for examination and inspection at any appropriate time by the school level auditing committee or the COA representative based in the division office.

The committee shall look into the books of accounts at least once a month. Audited financial statements shall be posted on bulletin boards for the information of everybody. Their employment shall only be done upon written consent of their parents. They shall only be allowed to work in the canteen outside their regular class schedule.

In the absence of such government depository bank, deposits shall be made at any nearest reputable commercial bank. In no case shall the deposits be made in the personal account of any school official. If the documents are found inadequate, the same shall be returned within seventy two 72 hours. The MOA shall have a term of three 3 years and may be renewed every three 3 years thereafter.

Separate water and light meters shall be installed in the canteen and bills covering water and electricity consumed in the aforesaid school canteen shall be borne by them.

local literature about canteen management

Food items produced by the H. It shall be supervised by the designated H. Such schedule shall be approved by the H.

WCAG 2. This certifies it as a stable and referenceable technical standard. There are testable success criteria for each guideline. A guide to understanding and implementing Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2. Press esc, or click the close the button to close this dialog box. February 6, DO 8, s. It shall provide hands-on training for students on planning, purchasing, handling and storage, preparation, serving and sale of safe and nutritious meals.

It can be used as a laboratory canteen on food planning, preparation, serving, storage and selling. Both shall adhere to professional management and sound business practices as well as to safety and security measures.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. A research about the canteen satisfaction level of the Grade 9 students of Holy Angel School of Caloocan.

John Alec Boquiren.

local literature about canteen management

Hillcrest Village, Camarin Rd. A school utilizes a canteen to meet the food and Nutritional needs of its students in order for them to have the energy in to accomplish the task that they would do for the day. The canteen staff or personnel are the people who run the canteen. They are the ones who interact with the students and ask for their order. They are the ones who serve the students their meal. They are responsible for keeping the facility in a proper shape so that the students are able to feel satisfied about the environment.

The products that are commonly sold in the canteen are junk foods, biscuits, different kinds of beverages, and meals. This is where the students get their energy to have the ability to work their body and minds and overcome the challenges the school has to offer.

We have chosen to study this topic because as students, we need a place where we are able to feel comfortable and satisfied during break times.

This research aims to answer the following questions: 1. What is the food served that satisfies the students? What are the varieties of products that are sufficient to choose from? What parts of the facilities are well maintained? What approach of the canteen service makes students feel satisfied? What do the students consider before buying a product from the canteen? They would be aware of how the canteen staff treats their children and how the food that their children consume affects them.

The results may give them new ideas and motivations for change and improvement. It might also help enhance the relationship of the school and students. This includes the food that satisfies the students, the service attributes, the variety of products, and the canteen facility.

Canteen — a place provided by schools where student can buy and eat food products and meals. Product — anything that the canteen may sell to the students. Canteen Personnel — the people who run the canteen and maintains the facilities. Service Attributes — the serving approach of a server towards its customer. Variety — having different choices among the products. Meal — a large amount of food consisting of ingredients that can fulfill hunger.

Utensils — a tool commonly used for cooking and eating. Food is one of the basic needs that we must obtain in order to fulfill our hunger.Review of Related Literature and Studies To intensify the knowledge and clarity the perception of the problems, a number of books and periodicals were read to gather insights which were used by the researcher in conceptualizing this study. Those which have been found relevant are hereby presented. Related Literature.

It shall provide hands-on-training for pupils on planning, purchasing, handling and storage, preparation, serving and sale of safe and nutritious meals. The school canteen guidelines shall serve as a mechanism to support the departments response to the mandate of Article 2 of Republic Act No. Services should be the main consideration for operating a school canteen.

Profit shall only be secondary since the clientele is composed of pupils who are dependent only on their meager allowance from their parents. Reporting and accounting of the proceeds from the operation of a school canteen shall be made by the parties concerned to emphasize transparency and accountability. School canteens shall be of two types: 1 school-managed canteens and 2 teachers cooperative-managed canteens. Both shall adhere to professional management and sound business practices as well as to safety and security measures.

Adunna discussed that along the line of canteen management is the need for an improvement system to boost not only sales but also the efficiency of its operations. In addition to providing with nutritious and affordable foods, the canteen should be based on good management practices and be financially self-sustaining. Experience shows that, with good management and marketing practices, a canteen can provide healthy foods and also be financially viable.

local literature about canteen management

The canteen is a small business. Like any business, it requires good management practices to be efficient and successful.

local literature about canteen management

Effective canteen management requires that: everyone involved knows its goals and objectives and is familiar with its policies canteen staff and committee develop an implementation plan to achieve policy goals day-to-day operational procedures are structured and enforced staff are adequately trained and supervised staff carry out efficient stock management, accounting and financial procedures staff. School canteens may operate under a variety of management structures, depending on the individual characteristics and needs of the school.

Most canteens in schools are run under the direction of, and are accountable to, the school council. Schools may decide to provide a food service to students in several ways. A formal management agreement detailing the terms and conditions of the management structure should be drawn up and signed by the relevant management parties, which will usually be the school council and principal, or the school council or principal and private contractor.

Contracting a canteen business is not as new but contains several procedures which need to be taken seriously for a more effective means of negotiating an enterprise. The following pointers should help you in selecting a good supplier.

An ideal supplier: is located locally has been recommended by other school canteens delivers frequently, and will do so at a convenient and suitable time for the canteen delivers stock in good condition, for example ice-cream which is always frozen and fruit and vegetables which are always fresh delivers stock with the maximum shelf life follows appropriate storage, handling and food safety requirements, such as adequate refrigeration for chilled and frozen goods and shade and cover for fresh produce uses adequate packaging and handling procedures to ensure products are not damaged offers an adequate range of products communicates well, keeping you informed of price changes, specials and product availability offers competitive prices, as well as specials, discounts and incentives offers.

Where the enrolment size in rural elementary schools is more than pupils, the existing duly registered teachers cooperative that complies with the criteria for qualification herein set forth, shall manage and operate the school canteen, when there is no duly registered teachers cooperative that is interested or qualified to operate and manage the same.

Chedeng statedpeople of all ages can learn about nutritious food choices by observing the meals served to them each day. An education program can teach the principles of basic nutrition through foods served in daily meals that reflect excellence in meal planning and food.

Family members and caregivers should be involved in nutrition education so they can encourage their child or adult relative to consume. Family members should participate in nutrition counseling and education with the client, so they understand the reasons why certain foods are selected, prepared, and served.

Family members may also need guidance in basic food safety to ensure the foods they bring in from outside are safe for the resident to eat. Nadhja : 21 discussed that the science of nutrition is the study of how food nourishes the body. It encompasses the study of nutrients and how they are handled by the body as well as the impact of human behavior and environment on the process of nourishment. As such, this discipline involves physiology, psychology, and socioeconomics.

Nutrients are. The metabolic processes involved in these functions are complex. Micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, are required in much smaller amounts to regulate and control body processes.

Shimane : 83 statedduring the preschool-age period, parents and care givers still have a fair amount of control over a childs food intake, and nutritional concerns focus on offering a proper selection and amount of nutrients needed by the growing child. Three meals per day arent enough for this age-group, and snacks are recommended as part of regular eating pattern.Data Collection Instruments The school canteen reflects the value habits of putting on healthy eating practices to the pupils and teachers alike.

In addition to providing nutritious food, the canteen is important to health in promoting its role within the school. For pupils who use canteen services regularly, the food purchased there makes a significant contribution to their total daily food intake and nutrition.

Nutrition is important for young growing mind and bodies. Obesity, a undernourished nutritional status is the common issues and concerns of learners. Schools are considered as second homes for the learners; teachers are considered as the second parents and the school canteen is considered as the second kitchen of the pupils. The school canteen serves as the service provider of the school with regard to food to be served for the learners, teachers, and school heads and even parents and school guests.

Parents, teachers, school heads are working hand in hand to resolve these issues among learners. The government has launched several projects and problem to address this nutritional health problem of school children. The school canteen is one of the services provided for learners in school when it comes to food.

Parents are considering what kind of food is to be served for their children at home, so, they also expect that the school canteen will do so. Parents would also like to ensure that the kinds of food their children partake in the school are safe. Parents consider also where to enroll their children so that they can be nourishing not only in mind but also in body.

The school canteen plays a vital role in school operations in providing cheap, yet nutritious food for the learners. The school canteen supplies and generates additional income for the school and this flows back for the schools daily operations. The school canteen can be managed by a school teacher or the school may hire outside personnel. Nowadays, schools are experiencing a congested number of learners inside the school canteen especially in urban areas.

AmigoSchools - Online School Canteen Management

Schools in urban areas become more congested every year, and school canteens were neglected by some school heads to provide bigger areas to accommodate a large number of learners to serve nutritious food for affordable prices that learners can buy. A school canteen needs to continue to provide food for the school community despite having a small space in preparing the food for its clientele, and patrons.

In this regard, the researcher was motivated to develop the best practices of canteen management and operations for purposes of delivering quality service to the clientele, with improved operations of the canteen in the entire Division of Cavite. Furthermore, it is a desire of the researcher to engage more in effective operations to provide more income that would flow back the profits to the programs and projects of the school.

This study is conducted in the Division of Cavite for this school year In order to facilitate students to make healthier food choices and to develop healthy eating habits, it is important that the school food environment is healthy. The healthy school canteen program is an intervention that helps schools make their cafeterias offerings healthier.

According to Aquino, Correa, and Ani,they state that one of the basic needs of man is to provide the health requirements of a person in order to live. The availability of food on a plate of every Filipino is among the main concerns of the government in achieving food security. The Philippines has a number of policies being implemented that recognize the pivotal role of improving food production and supply to meet the ever-growing food demand.The environment can exert a strong influence on people's food decisions.

In order to facilitate students to make more healthy food choices and to develop healthy eating habits, it is important that the school food environment is healthy. The Healthy School Canteen programme of The Netherlands Nutrition Centre is an intervention that helps schools to make their cafeteria's offering healthier.

A descriptive study was conducted by an independent research agency to survey the perceptions, experiences, and opinions of users of the programme school directors, parents, students, and health professionals. Results show that directors and students of participating schools perceive their cafeteria's offering to be healthier after implementing the programme than prior to implementation. Next, further important results of the study are highlighted and relations with other projects, caveats, and practical recommendations are discussed.

It is concluded that the Healthy School Canteen programme is a promising intervention to change the school food environment but that further research is needed to ultimately establish its effectiveness. Also, it will be a challenge to motivate all schools to enroll in the programme in order to achieve the goal of the Dutch Government of all Dutch school cafeterias being healthy by The fact that children spend many hours at school each day, including lunchtime, causes the school environment to be an important out of home setting where children consume at least one main meal a day.

In this paper, we will first elaborate on why it is important to offer healthy food in school cafeterias and then introduce the Healthy School Canteen programme, an intervention that is aimed at making the school food environment healthier.

Best Practices in Canteen Management and Operation

In the remainder of this paper, we will discuss a descriptive study that was conducted to assess perceptions and opinions of parties that have participate d in the programme.

The idea that environmental factors can be important in shaping human behaviour is not new. In the s, Lewin already emphasizes in his field theory that both the person and the environment need to be taken into consideration when studying human behaviour [ 4 ]. Lewin, considered to be the founding father of social psychology, conventionalised human behaviour as a function of both the person and the environment. This perspective provides a useful starting point from which to consider eating behaviour.

Specifically, it could help to explain that good and strong intentions to eat healthily person factors are most of the time not enough to prevent people from making unhealthy food choices.

Specifically, larger serving portions and packages usually allure people to consume more food, which in turn leads to greater energy intake [ 56 ]. Specifically, decision-making and choice behaviour usually results from one of two distinct cognitive processes: reflective or impulsive processes [ 910 ]. When decision-making is powered by the reflective system, people think carefully and rationally and they usually act upon their intentions. On the other hand, when people operate through the impulsive system, they act more automatically and spontaneously and are usually led by impulses.

When we apply these insights to the current topic of eating behaviour, it is to be expected that the environment strongly influences such behaviour when people make food choices via the impulsive system as opposed to the reflective system. Research on habits and information processing has demonstrated that when behaviour has become habitual and when people are not motivated or cognitively involved enough or are too distracted to engage in effortful reasoning and deliberation, their decision making will likely be powered by the impulsive system [ 1112 ].

More specifically, this implies that when people have well-developed eating habits and are not very much involved in their food choices and as a result do not invest much time and effort in thinking about their choicesthe environment is likely to determine their eating behaviour to a large extent.To browse Academia.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Frayres Jenelen. It focuses on several aspects that will help in the development of this study. The study is generally concentrating on the feasibility of creating an online student information system for Kalayaan National High School.

The literatures of this study come from books, journals, articles, electronic materials such as PDF or E-Book, and other existing theses and dissertations, foreign and local that are believed to be useful in the advancement of awareness concerning the study. The day to day administration and most of the University procedures are carried out online.

The University Management System UMSan online portal of University, is one such innovative step of the University to provide vital information regarding academics and other University logistics for assisting the University students, their parents and the staff.

Area C Camarin, Caloocan City Bachelor of Science in Computer Science According to Wikipediain the past, universities and large school districts in particular have created their own bespoke student record systems. With growing complexity in the business of educational establishments, most organizations now choose to buy customizable software, and increasing numbers are buying software as a service SAAS.

Most student information systems in use today are server-based, with the application residing on a central computer server, and being accessed by client applications at various places within and even outside the school. But student information systems have been moving to the web since the late s and that trend is accelerating as institutions replace older systems.

CAMSIS provides comprehensive and accurate information about student body and also improves data quality, reduce the administrative burden dramatically and provides better services to both academic staff and students.

These are the following: 1 Compatibility. Web based applications are far more compatible across platforms than traditional installed software like web browsers. Everyone hates to deal with piles of paper unless they do not have any other alternatives.

Normally in more complex systems data is moved about separate systems and data sources. Local Literature The PUPWebSite continues to evolve dramatically as it gives its visitors information and online services that is relevant and useful to them.

That customer information helps us focus our content and provide services that assist visitors in quickly finding the information they need.

Related Literature Canteen

PUPWebSite is replacing more expensive, traditional methods of doing things with a more streamlined and efficient online solution. Through this means, we are able to reduce paper, printing, and postal costs by distributing information online instead of on paper. And we are reducing media production and distribution costs by distributing relevant files online. They are reducing errors in customer data by allowing customers to submit and update their information online, instead of filling out registration cards that are transcribed by data entry personnel.Solano Dane Aries D.

Medrano Paul Mark M. Literature comes in all sizes. Literature is made up of different histories from different eras with different writing styles. Literature is made of meaning and hidden messages. You have to read between the lines to decide what the hidden meaning is. So this is a project based on recruitment and selection of personals by visiting a firm.

Canteen Management Thesis Chapter 2

Because the industry is accumulated with advanced technology, qualitative machines and efficient labourers. It is a private small scale industry. Chapter II. Tell is proposed the. Related Literature Malunggay Moringga Oleifera Lam has been known to be extremely effective as diuretic, stimulant and purgative.

More studies have shown that. One official always stayed with us as when we were interacting with the workers so it was bit problem for us to make the workers feel free and also our questionnaire were checked by the management before reaching to the workers. Chapter 2 2. It includes a brief Description about the topic, objectives of the study, scope of the study, importance of the study, research methodology,chapteisation, limitations of the study, etc. Related Literature Canteen Words 13 Pages.

The aims of the guidelines are to provide a framework to support the implementation of sale of healthy food in school canteens. Currently, canteen guidelines refer only to the school canteens in the state or territory in which they were developed, however, National canteen guidelines have been written which harmonize existing State and Territory school canteen guidelines [31].

Canteen guidelines for schools in South Australia …show more content….

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